External Schema level 1
This schema represents an external global view of your fibre optic network. It gives you the perfect tool to get a quick complete overview in order to understand and manage your network. This schema displays all the external nodes of your network and all the cables connecting them.
Powerful filtering functions can reduce schema complexity and within a few clicks, allows you to pinpoint the information you are
looking for.

Georaphic  – level 1

Geographical representation of the external schema, this view makes it possible to understand exactly the way of your fibers in the field.

Internal – level 2
This schema represents the main internal fibre structures inside a fibre optic node. This schema is used as an internal installation fibre layout.

Details – level 3
This schema represents all the connections of a fibre. It allows you to manage the connection of your fiber optic. A range of functions of alignment allow the user to create a complete detailed schema. Created for an optimal utilisation, the detailed schema means the user can observe only the necessary objects under modification.

Rack- level 4

This schema represent the frontal view of an optical rack. It allows a clear and precise visualization of the real situation in the field to prepare more precisely all your interventions.

Synoptic – synthesis of levels 1 to 4


Synthetic fiber-to-fiber representation of the interconnection between multiple optical nodes.


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